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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh >> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us this morning. here's a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning carolyn. we have some pretty good rain knocking on our door. gusty winds and the possibility of thunderstorms, and we could see some low-lying flooding where we have poor drainage. here's a look at the north bay. rain is beginning in guerneville and the rest of 1301 maybe just some mist and drizzle. and further south in richmond and san francisco looking at the atmosphere getting primed for the warm front that will allow for the beginning of the rain.
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and then we will get into the heavy rain by midmorning and accompanying it, gusty winds. right now the winds gusting at 22 miles an hour at half moon bay. wind advisory through 10:00 tonight. we will see 20 to 30 miles per hour winds with gusts up to 45. higher elevations 1 to 2,000 feet, 52 miles per hour winds. we are looking for the possibility of downed trees and powerlines. anywhere from a half in top up to three inches of rain to come and the thunderstorms definitely could bring gusty winds and problems throughout the day. we will have it all for you coming up. carolyn. >> get ready. thank you, lisa. with more wet weather on the way, people are bracing for another hit. abc news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> it's a pain, but it's okay. >> being in the dark with a toddler for this long isn't easy. friday's storm snapped three
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power poles, knocking out power to 300 homes and businesses in sausalito. >> the new poles are stronger. if it would have fallen a couple inches on our right it would have been on our car and the neighbor's roof. >> watch out for the tree! >> the tree man specializes in moving trees in tough conditions. this is video from a job in fairfax. >> the four-man crew had to pull out of some spots saying if there's a high wind, it's too dangerous. >> we're taking trees off of houses. out of driveways and off cars. >> this is why pg&e set up in emergency operation center in san francisco.
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at one point 280,000 people were without power. most have been restored. they are looking for more problems. >> a lot of wind with wet soil that's the way the conditions are, the trees topple over and bring down lines and we expect a significant number of new outages. >> it will be in place until all customers have power restored. abc7 news. >> in berkeley hills, take a look at this 80-foot monterey pine being removed. it fell friday during the storm. luckily it fell away from the house, but it landed in the backyard of new neighboring homes, damaging a roof. the california insurance commissioner is urging people to check your insurance and do a home inventory. most don't cover flooding, but will cover damage from falling trees or wind.
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for more information on what might be covered we have a link on the storms are also bringing some much-needed snow to the sierra. you see flurries there yesterday from the lake tahoe tv heavenly mountain resort camera. it dropped more than expected. more than 8 inches fell overnight and up to 18 inches to fall by the end of the week. you you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play. we also have nor information at >> developing news from overnight. one person is dead following a crash involving two cars in los gatos. it happened just before midnight on highway 17 just south of highway 85. no word on what led to the collision. >> three people have life-threatening injuries this morning after they were hit by a car on south vaness avenue. that was in san francisco.
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it appeared about 8:00 last night. two pedestrians were injured. it involved a jaguar and a large pickup truck. the driver jaguar was also injured. witnesses said the jaguar have gone through a red light in the intersection and hit by the pickup. it's not clear if the pedestrian injured were in the crosswalk or on the sidewalk and struck by the spinning vehicle. >> we just heard a car crashing and we came outside and we seen like people on the floor. >> police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened and determine who is at fault. new details this morning. police have arrested a man on may murder charges in connection with a car crash that took the life of a jung girl in cupertino last year. 58-year-old louis barnaby, jr. was taken in custody friday. investigators say they only discovered now he was under the
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influence of prescription drugs when he slammed his of s.u.v. into a car on highway 85 back in april. they said he was driving on the shoulder at a high rate of speed when he hit the s.u.v. which was parked on the shoulder. an 8-year-old in the s.u.v. were killed and her brother and mother were injured. >> a woman is in the hadn't this morning after falling off a cliff in pacifica. it happened around 5:30 last night. the rescue took nearly three hours. crews had to drop town 200 feet to reach the woman. neighbors said she was climbing around a secret water fall and got into trouble. she has moderate injuries but it expected to be okay. ports, including the one in oakland, have stopped loading and unloading ships this weekend. on friday the group representing the port had a temporary work suspension. workers have been without a contract for nine months.
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the port association said there's been a work slowdown for the last three months. the longshore workers union denies it. thousands of demonstrators took part in the march for climate leadership in oakland yesterday. they are calling on governor brown to ban fracking. that's a oil and gas extraction technique using high pressure water and chemicals. environmentists have given oil companies the green light to drill in california, despite say that he wants the state to be a leader on climate change. >> fracking affects the environment. the water we drink, affects the health and animals and everything in the environment and our climate. governor brown on thursday challenged the protesters saying that they still drive gas
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gusling vehicles. gas is used in vehicles. drilling supporters say this state has some of the most stringent rules in the country. >> californians can benefit from affordable energy wishes we are seeing at the pump already. >> gas prices have fallen dramatically because of increased oil drilling in the u.s.. new this morning, police are investigating a two-alarm fire at a preschool in the north bay. it broke out before 11:00 last night at the children's learning center on steel lane in santa rosa. authorities say the building suffered extensive damage. fortunately no injuries. and still no word on what may have started the fire, but authorities say there were wires that were down in the area. >> the strong winds fueling a large fire south of yosemite is finally starting to die down. it is called the round fire. at least 40 homes are destroyed by the nevada state line. two small towns remain under a
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mandatory evacuation order. >> there is still time to donate to help residents affected by a massive fire in san francisco's mission district last month. donations raised through gofundme will end tomorrow. more than $150,000 has been raised for those impacted by the fire at mission and 42nd street back on january 28th. more than 70 people were displaced by the four-alarm fire and one person was killed. according to the gofundme account organizers, the donated funds will be divided among the victims. we have a link on our website at lease lisa argen is here talking about the next weather system that's coming in. >> rain and wind will be affecting your sunday. 58 degrees from the exploratorium camera. no delays at sfo. if you had an early flight, that's good.
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in the next couple of hours we've got wind, rain, possibility of thunderstorms today. i'll have it all for you and a look at the week ahead when we return. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, realityity star bruce jenner involved in a deadly accident in southern california. what he claims happened. and the power ball is heating up of a nobody hit the jackpot again. we will tell you how well, i drove grandpa to speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll. dad, but i practiced my bassoon. and i listened. i can do this. everyone deserves ooey gooey pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop! guess what goes really well with eggs? pillsbury grands biscuits. make breakfast even better. grands biscuits.
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>> the star princess and the queen elizabeth were docked along the embarcadero yesterday but the queen elizabeth is already back on the move after arriving from los angeles. the ship is currently on a 112-night cruz. but not all of the passengers are staying on the ship for that entire voyage. power ball fever is about to really take off because no one picked all six numbers in last night's $394 million draw. take a look at the numbers. maybe you got a lesser prize. wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $450 million. that would be the third largest power play jackpot ever and the chance of striking it rich is
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one in more than 175 million. you have a better chance of being attacked by a shark and struck by lightening simultaneously. but, hey, you have to be in it to win it. read writing and arithmetic and add to that compassion. more and more schools here in california are including social emotional learning in their curriculum. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez found some school even including it in their report cards. >> words like help, compassion and empathy are used frequently at red heart elementary school in san francisco. >> you will just draw a little picture of you showing compassion somewhere else. any questions? >> every monday at 2:00 the entire school spends one hour on social-emotional learning. what they discuss is situations
6:16 am
at home and at school. >> to see how other people are feeling and just be nice to people if they are feeling down. >> we see it play out when kids are learning math and science or engaging in collaborative learning and teamwork. when they are playing during p. e. outside or sit nevada the government satisfyteria. >> studies have also shown that these kinds of programs help students feel more supported by their classmates and teachers. that sense of self-worth often translates into academic success. >> we know from research that when a child feels safe in a classroom, they won't be feeling the negative emissions and negative emotions really close down our ability to learn. >> eight school districts in california, including san francisco unified, want the federal government to hold them accountable not only for their academic outcome but for their social and emotional teachings.
6:17 am
they are still figuring out what factors will be used to measure their level of success. in the meantime students are already being affected by what they are learning, in addition to math and reading. >> i use it to be a better friend and also to know that i'm doing the right things. makes me feel good. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> jack london scare in oakland lots of support for east bay elementary schools. third annual gala dinner and auction to support superstar lit racy was held last night. group provides tutoring and after school reading help for more than 400 families at nine schools in the east bay. there's our own cheryl jennings and mike nico serving as the m. c.s. the giants are looking forward to spring training. pitchers and catchers report february 19th. yesterday was a big day for the
6:18 am
team and for fans. thousands of people came out to meet their favorite players during fan fest at at&t park. fans had the chance to get autographs and get out on the field. >> i just like being around all the happy people, especially just got a third championship so it's even more special. >> i got here at 7:00. >> worth the wait? >> yes, it was. all the people around us, it's been fun. >> hunter pence is my favorite. he's so wacky and fun. >> is the boy going to be named hunter or pence? >> some people arrived five hours before the gates opened to meet their favorite giant. and happening today, oakland a's fans can meet the players at that team's annual fan fest. but unless you already have a ticket, you are out ever luck. fans can get autographs from some. their favorite current a's along with the clubhouse. and they can take part in
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question-and-answer sessions with players and the front office staff. it begins at 10:00 this morning at oracle arena out. the doors open at 9:00. and if they are waiting in line, they will have to duck inside. >> absolutely. the airport delays now are already 29 minutes. i spoke too soon. we have over 30 knots wind. live doppler 7hd shows why. you see the heavy rain offshore and you are beginning to see the rain in the north bay. we will take you there from santa rosa on the coast, looking at rain. bodega bay and light activity highway 101. atmosphere is getting primed. this is the warm sector of the storm and probably in the a lot going on around richmond and berkeley. but look at what it off the coast. moderate to heavy rain that will push into the bay area by midmorning. accompanying it gusty winds. you will see the classic comma shape here. we will see breaks in the
6:20 am
overcast, a few peaks of sun. it will prime the atmosphere additionally for the possibility of thunderstorms. this will be taken into the sierra nevada. we are looking at high-elevation snow and also thunderstorms. 59 in san carlos, 60 san jose. the south winds up to 15 20 25 miles an hour right now at the coast. so it's getting breezy. it will just get windier with the passage of the front throughout the afternoon. here's the exploratorium camera. 57 santa rosa, 55 with fog by the delta and 53 in livermore. and a quarter mile to half-mile visibility from concord to fairfield. it's getting a little better in livermore, but really the rain will become the factor and the wind and the fog will mix out with the cold front as it pushes on through midmorning hours. so rainy and windy today. possibility of a thunderstorm and the shower linger into tomorrow. and we are looking at pretty decent rainfall amounts. if we could do this two three times a week, we would be in good shape. unfortunately this is the only system that's in the outlook for
6:21 am
the next seven days, bringing us a soggy sunday. and as we go through the next several hours it's just going to get wetter and windier. here's a look at the wind gusts right now. you can see off the coast higher elevations 20 miles per hour. and this is with the rain. 35 miles per hour wind gusts perhaps at sfo but on the coast 50-mile. and through napa and our east bay 25 to 30 miles per hour winds. even better than that are possible through the afternoon. so getting windier with the heavy downpours, and the possibility street flooding. hopefully you all cleaned out the gutters. in the sierra nevada by this afternoon. and tomorrow afternoon we are look at an inch to three inches at the lake level but above lake level maybe 12 inches to 18 inches. once again, it's a wet one. high elevation snow and the next couple hours is when things get going around here. 7:00 we have rain in the north bay. 1:00 9:00 it's across the entire bay area.
6:22 am
then the cold front throughout the early afternoon and the convective showers afterwards which means thunderstorm activity and the heavier downpours. here we are 1:00 tonight and we still have is scattered showers right through 11:00. monday night anywhere from three quarter inch to half-inch in the east bay and maybe an inch in the wettest locations, inch and a half in the north bay, and coastal hills and santa cruz mountains maybe 2 inches. look for the rain, heavy at times. the possibility of thunderstorms, the gusty winds and the accuweather seven day forecast just the lingering showers tomorrow one. cooler days tomorrow. then look what happens. we warm up and brighten up on tuesday. upper 60s near 70. above average right through next weekend. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd at any time with the weather app. we have more information at
6:23 am
>> i lost power back in december during that storm. i'm hoping that won't happen this time but with the gusty winds -- >> it could. >> yep. got to be prepared. thank you, lisa. up next, the volcano springs to life in guatemala. how it's affecting residents who live nearby. and in honor of black history month we are using our abc7 instagram feed to celebrate people making a difference where you live. today we are honoring renee lacy and this woman. both live in osteoporosis and work with bone health to raise awareness about the disease and to spread the message in osteoporosis con affect anyone.
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a volcano in southern guatemala is exploding rock and ash through surrounding towns. this is video taken yesterday. the mountain, known as the fire volcano, is located about 50 miles from guatemala city. it sits more than 12,000 feet above sea level. so far no evacuation orders are in place, but residents who live nearby have been put on alert.
6:27 am
much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. new developments in the battle against isis, and the vigil held right here in the bay area for the pilot killed by the terrorists. and the ocean struggling to breathe as oxygen drops to dangerous levels. what's the problem? and is it too late to reverse it? and here's a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. get ready for gusty winds rain, maybe even a thunderstorm. hope your windshield wipers are in good shape because all of that is coming our way. our vision for partnering with more farmers, growers manufacturers is that eventually organic and natural will be the norm. for raley's that means a lot more organic and natural options on the shelf. and for our consumers, that means having a lot more affordable and readily
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the whether with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. we have rain in the north bay. we are going to get into some heavy rain and gusty winds at times today. you can see the heavy rain offshore. and we are looking at the possibility of thunderstorms. in the north bay we have rain from sea ran inch point reyes and the atmosphere priming and getting a little bit more moisture as we head toward 101
6:31 am
guerneville and peels berg. further to the south spotty-like shower from lafayette and oakland. but off the coast is where we have the heavier returns. you see half moon bay getting into light rain. we will look for this to push on in throughout the midmorning hours and with it the winds cranking up. we are looking at a wind advisory through 10:00 tonight. it will get even windier once the cold front passes lou. wind gusts up to 45 miles an hour and we have the saturated ground from friday's system. this system bringing an additional half-inch to over an inch in some spots. we will talk about the timing and the rest of the forecast for the week ahead coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. major developments in the battle against isis. we are learning more about the six people arrested here in the u.s. charged with conspiracy and supporting the terrorists. at the same time the government is trying to find out whether
6:32 am
another american hostage held by isis is dead. abc news reporter has the latest. >> where is the proof? that's the question. everywhere from washington to the middle east after isis claims the last known hostage , american hostage, died during coalition air strikes. >> you can't believe any words out of their mouth at this point. >> the 26-year-old woman from arizona they said died in this building destroyed by the jordanian government. the family holding out hope in statements a dressed by isis. quote, you told us you treated her as your guest. as your guest, her safety and well-being remains your responsibility. there's new concern isis is getting help from inside the united states. six people arrested, all immigrants from bosnia, all living low-key lives in low-key downs towns of st. louis and
6:33 am
upstate new york and chicago. they wired cash and used u.s. mail to send tactical equipment and equipment to turkey that was smuggled to syria. one appeared in federal court in chicago wearing an orange jumpsuit and a black gee bach and an interpreter helped translate the charges. >> keep an open mind and remember people are innocent until proven guilty. >> neighbors are shocked at the allegations. >> makes you sort of feel less safe knowing it's a few doors down. >> they emphasize the group was not planning attacks inside the united states. abc news, washington. >> a vigil was held last night in south san francisco to remember the jordanian pilot burned alive by isis. ♪ ♪ >> many jordanians and their supporters singing "my country my country" in arabic. outside the american-jordanian
6:34 am
association. the crowd held photos of the murdered pilot and the king it show unity and support for the country. >> it united the whole people. whether it's in jordan, the united states, europe, all over the world it unites us as a whole group. that's what we are all about. standing together being united as a country. >> the group also chanted "no more isis," denouncing and degrading the islamic militant group's horrific crime. >> this morning jordan is stepping up air strikes against isis after the militant group released video last week showing the burning death of that jordanian pilot. coming up on "this week" retired john allen, a special envoy for the coalition to counter isis, discusses the battle with the isis group. you can catch it on" this week "at 8:00 this morning right here. president obama is scheduled
6:35 am
to speak at a cyber security summit at stanford on friday. they will address topics of increasing public-private partnerships and security information sharing. it will also address the creation and promotion of improved cyber security classes and use of more secure payment technology. following the summit the president will attend a democratic national committee fundraiser in san francisco. today's space x will try again to land a rocket on a ship in the ocean. the launch out of cape canaveral will be the second attempt if elan musk's company. it's scheduled at 3:10 p.m. our time. scientists tried it last month but the unmanned rocket crashed and burned. >> nears think adding more hydraulic fluid may give it a better chance this time around. but the flight path is more
6:36 am
challenging. if successful, this will be the first time a a rocket has landed on a floating platform. an incredible change seems to be coming on just off our coast. it's almost undetectable. and if it continues, the results could be alarming. researchers believe the chemistry of the ocean is changing. it may soon be low on oxygen. here's abc7 news reporter wayne freedman on how that dramatically could change life in the ocean and ours, as well. >> you might think of it as a liability from past and present generations. climate change manifesting in ever broadening forms. the oceans surrounding us is an example. >> we are committed to a low oxygen ocean future in the ocean. >> this researcher at uc david marine lab. don't suit the messengers. it's another series of dominoes in the climate change game.
6:37 am
glaciers melt, currents change, oxygen levels change, and ocean creatures move in reaction to it. in less than one generation, the california fisheries, as we know them, could radically change or even cease to exist if oxygenated-depleted water moves in. >> it means we are losing habitat for organisms we care about. >> she advances similar studies. she took core samples from ocean bottoms around the world and studied the fossil records from the end of the last ice age. to scientists, they are like rings from a tree. back then changes in ocean oxygen levels took thousands of years to reverse. now she sees the changes again and happening more rapidly due to accelerated manmade conditions. the process is already irreversible. >> people who fish, who eat fish and live in coastal communities that rely on vibrant
6:38 am
fishing communities, all of those people have a stake in the story. >> think of it as a the latest warning shout from across the bow from a researcher who sees it more clearly than most of us. from bodega bay wayne freedman abc7 news. >> still to come on abc7 sunday morning news, the valentine's day treat that may be trouble in the wrong hands. the recall underway this morning. and here's the live look from our sutro tower cam, showing you the beauty of the bay. the second weather system to bring us rain is on the way. lisa argen will be along shortly with a full accuweather
6:39 am
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>> welcome back. are you ready to open under the umbrella? rain wind, thunderstorms are on the way. san francisco based see's candies has a warning for people with nut allergies this morning. some of its valentine's day chocolate may have been mislabeled and they may contain
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walnuts or pecans or other nuts. it's labeled classic red hearts with assorted chocolates. the candies were shipped nationwide. they can be returned for a refund. lisa, this is the kind of weather with the umbrella and the wind turns it upside down. >> absolutely. the wind and heavy rain getting going in the north bay. here's a look at lake tahoe. 34 degrees with fog. the high 52 and rain in the forecast. but a winter weather advisory above 7,000 feet. so the snow will be falling higher elevations. i'll tell you how much rain we will get and how long it will last when we return. >> thank you lisa. also ahead cal gets a game-winning three-pointer from an unlikely source. a grad student from colonel and they beat ucla. mike shumann has the highlights female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly
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>> in sports, sad news in the basketball ball news. legendary north carolina head coach dean smith has died. he coached the tar heels to 11 final fours and two national championships during his 36 years at north carolina. smith was 83 years old. tomorrow the with a years continue their four-game road trip in philadelphia against the 76ers. one of the eastern conference's worst teams. yesterday they beat the knicks who now have the worst record in
6:46 am
the nba. here's schu. he's got the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, the warriors are fighting through the toughest part of their schedule with only two home games in february and playing their fourth game in the last five nights. fortunately they are facing a team that's only won ten games in season. the knicks. first quarter, greene with the half-court lob and the alley oop lay-in. very athletic move. in the second iguodala, the steal. coast-to-coast. the dunk. and he nearly takes off from the free-throw line. draymond green a big night. 24-13 boards. burriss the three. warriors up three at the half -- or up s.u.v. at the half. to bogut. the great hands. warriors led by 17 but the knicks rally. shane larkin the steal. they come to within a 5. four minutes to go. curry took care of that. the shake and bake three. he did record an assist. that's the first time since
6:47 am
2012. they win. and cal likes playing close games. cal hosting ucla. he made two late threes to cut the lead to one. 23 seconds left, cal down one. dwight graduated from cornell. the brings the three and they are up two. one last shot. at the buzzer for the win! off the rim. cal wins 64-62. they are now 5-6 in pac-12 play. and usf hosting gonzaga. usf gave the bulldogs a bite. tied at 38 at the half. gonzaga started to pull away late second. foul. 3 of his 29. a minute left and usf needing a bucket. misses. tries for the rebound. they give it up to eric for the jam. gonzaga 12-0 in the conference. usf falls to 3-10.
6:48 am
17 straight wins for the zags who are now 2401. sharks head coach mclellan could have become the second coach in nhl system to win 300 games but the sharks hurricanes blew the sharks out of the water. turnaround! turnaround! ice the other way. has the headphones on. sharks came out flat. the shot from the point off the boards. antti niemi didn't block it with his skate. 1-0. second period now 2-1 carolina. niemi screened in front, allowing lindholm to snap it home. 3-1 hurricanes. sharks come back in the third. all right he will, second goal of the game. great hand-eye. made it 3-2. but under five minutes to play. sekora puts it on net, off the pads and off the skate and in. sharks lost three of their last four. 5-4, the final. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. i'll see you again at 5:00. have a great day. >> thank you, mike. the@pebble beach beach national pro am is this weekend.
6:49 am
justin johnson, speaking and cure rick. and the amateur field includes giants catcher buster posey, pitcher matt cane and the always entertaining actor-comedian bill murray. schu is going to be live at pebble beach this tuesday and wednesday so join us for his reports. i was just looking and last year they had 30 miles per hour wind gusts that were really messing up the game. >> but no rain last year. >> yes. >> we have the rain now. it will increase, as well as the wind throughout the morning hours. it's started along the coast in the north bay and some gusty winds with the rain. here's live doppler 7hd. we have the wind advisory and you see the yellow pushing into the north bay. highway 1 and lighter rain elsewhere. so as we take you into highway 1 near cloverdale and verndale. light rain and heavier rain toward sea ranch, guerveville and santa rosa getting into rain. scattered showers through
6:50 am
hayward, 680 union city. but look what is on the coast. montara to half moon bay. we are looking at pretty good rain. all way down through here. and south bay light rain through morgan hill. mist and drizzle gilroy. and we take a further look out in the pacific, this is what is to come. the winds will crank up. a couple breaks throughout the afternoon. destabilizing atmosphere even more, allowing for the possibility of thunderstorms. here's a look from sutro. winds are gusting. you see the camera moving a little bit. and there are delays already at sfo. 58 san francisco, oakland. the tarmac will be wet and with winds over 30 miles an hour it's going to be pretty problematic throughout the morning hours at the airport. 50 san jose. exploratorium camera and with the south winds we are mild again. but the winds will be with us all afternoon and they will get stronger. 56 concord, and livermore is one of the cooler locations. fog by the delta.
6:51 am
three quarter mile visibility concord and two mile at the coast. here's a look at a little bit of wet pavement. rainy and windy today, a possibilities of thunderstorm and a few showers into monday morning. beyond this look spring like. there it is, your classic comma shape. this is what is to come. it will push onshore throughout the morning hours but it will keep us wet throughout the entire take today. watch the winds crank up. by 10:00 we have wind gusts at sfo over 30 miles an hour. and it continues through the east bay, the delta, and even into livermore by the evening hours, up to 30 miles an hour an hour. it will take throughout the day for the winds to subside. we have a saturated ground from friday's system. hopefully you've cleaned out the gutters and the possibility exists of downed trees and powerlines. even in sierra nevada where the winter advisory is about 7,000 feet. 6 to 12 inches and maybe over a foot. and this will continue through
6:52 am
home tomorrow. to time is out. into the next hour you see the heaviest rain from the north bay to san francisco. 10:00 it pushes through the east bay, but the winds will be cranking up behind it, and by the afternoon we've got spotty downpours, very gusty winds 2:00, and it's not over. by the evening into 6:00, 7:00, still some downpours. possibility of some street flooding. 11:00 tonight more showers. this will take us anywhere from a half-inch to three quarters of an inch throughout the entire bay. but the higher elevations the coastal hills, two to three inches and that includes the santa cruz mountains. highs today ranging from the low 60s in richmond with windy conditions on the coast, as well. san rafael 61 half moon bay 61. 65 free hospital and 66 in san jose. accuweather seven-day forecast few lingering showers tomorrow but the bulk of it is today and we look for partly cloudy and mid-and upper 60s tuesday. a warmer wednesday, mild thursday, and mid-70s above
6:53 am
average on friday. and saturday looking even milder for valentine's day. if we get like two or three of these a week we would be in good shape. >> yeah. >> but this is it. >> jerry was just showing us. can you put it you have, jerry? had this is the richmond san rafael bridge. you see it's lard starting to come down there. and this is the tohl -- the toll plaza with the rain. it's coming. >> it's here. >> yeah, it's here. dozens of kids got to hang out with san francisco police officers yesterday for a special screening of the new disney movie "mcfarland usa" the true story with the championship cross-country team from the central valley team of the same pay. they partnered with the police activity league, no one as pal and disney, our parent company for the event.
6:54 am
>> it's so cool anytime we can do that for the kids. we want children to see police officers as people that they go to that we are here to help. it's great. >> and abc7 news reporter chris nguyen mced the event and he said it in side a lot of crying, cheering and clapping. coming up, virtual reality. not a sci-fi dream anymore. where you can try out the immerse i have technology right here in the bay area today.
6:55 am
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>> virtual reality has seemed like science fiction for decades but now it actually is becoming a reality. today you can try it out firsthand for free. four bay area best buys will be among a few dozen across the country to offer demonstrating samsung's "gear we are." it is a device for the galaxy note 4 phone. it's been available since december but analysts say it hasn't caught on because it's something you can only truly experience in person. you can check it out at the best buy on harrison street in san francisco in dublin, in union city and in emeryville. let's get a final look at the weather. >> it's pouring on the coast. san francisco and points south looking at the heavier rain, as well as point reyes. and winter park. and as well as the east bay. san leandro, hayward. and heavier rain down through here and the south bay looking
6:58 am
at light showers. but all of this has to move on in and that's going to bring the wind, the rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. some lingering showers tomorrow. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with very busy meteorologist lisa argen. you can keep on watching the news online, on twitter facebook and all your mobile device was our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00.
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pillsbury pizza crust. make dinner pop good morning, america. happening now. double trouble. blasts on both coasts. relentless rain and wild winds in the west flooding streets and homes. toppling trees. and in the east, not again. another major snowstorm, setting sights on new england, still digging out. spinout after spinout. the blinding snow piling up. team coverage of the bicoastal storm. deadly crash. bruce jenner behind the wheel. he was involved in a pileup that caused a car to swerve into oncoming traffic. and that driver was killed. >> bruce, are you okay? >> paparazzi capturing the moment of impact. did they play a role in the accident? gunfire at the mall. bullets go flying. shoppers running for their


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